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At STIX TAPE, we know all about one thing, TAPE.

STIX TAPE was born from the idea of making tape and its application less complicated for the uninitiated consumer. TAPE in itself along with the application is simple but the market has become saturated with poor quality variations and alternatives that only confuse and bewilder the end user as to why they need it and how it is used. Our hope is to simplify the market with a more direct approach that appeals to both the experienced and untrained consumer.

The philosophy of STIX TAPE was generated from the heart of the northwest of England by 3 brothers who all share the same passion for sport and healthcare. We don’t just work in this industry we live in it. We know pain and we know how it feels to be side-lined, broken and bruised. We have competed at the highest levels and experienced the thrill of standing on the top step. We have used tape to aid in this success, and know first had its benefits and the pitfalls of incorrect application. With over 15 years’ experience and knowledge in the healthcare and fitness sector and with the ambition to expand we found the time was right to share our philosophy to a wider audience and to reduce the complexity that surrounds the tape market.

Why Buy from STIX TAPE

Quality at a low price.

We care for quality but appreciate fair value. With the cost of living now higher than ever we find it extremely important to drive down production costs whilst maintaining the highest level of quality. We have sourced, designed and developed a range of tapes that meet the demands of professionals but appeal to budget conscious consumers by driving our prices down. In order to achieve this price target we have:

  1. Removed all unnecessary packaging from all products.
  2. Operate on a lower marketing and advertising campaign budget by using organic sales to grow brand visibility.
  3. We order popular models and colours in mass to benefit from reduced overseas shipping costs.
  4. No sales force or middle men involved. You buy direct from STIX TAPE
  5. Large operation – Small operating costs. We do tape. Just tape, with all order processing, customer service and despatch processed from the same location.

With STIX TAPE you can guarantee you are getting the best quality available at the lowest price.

What do STIX TAPE do different?

We haven’t re-invented the wheel but our hope is to simplify the tape market with a more direct approach that is simple and appeals to both the experienced and untrained consumer. With this in mind we break each model down into the following 5 category fields.

Tape Overview – What is it, why is it used?

Tape Application – What sizes are available and where is it applied?

Tape Conformity – Is it stretchy of rigid?

Tape Workability – Can it be ripped or cut?

Tape Skin Control – Is it Latex Free, breathable, Hypoallergenic?

With all categories considered you can make an educated decision on what suits your requirements.

Join the gang….Become a STIX TAPE Member

Do you run a football team or boxing club? Operate a gym, provide physiotherapy or pitch-side assistance? or just want a few rolls of tape for you next workout?

Size doesn’t matter. At STIX TAPE we don’t categorise customers buy there buying capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying 1 roll or a 1000 we want all members to benefit from our hard work.

Become a member and benefit from exclusive discounts, free next day shipping, discounted merchandise and much more.

Help us grow.

Give us honest feedback through social media by promoting the STIX TAPE banner and we’ll through in a few extra rolls of tape completely free with your next order.

Locked in performance guarantee – Or your money back

At STIX TAPE all our products comes with reduced product packaging to help drive costs down. We don’t compromise on quality however so each roll from STIX TAPE is individually sealed from the factory for improved reliability with every roll. If you are in anyway not happy with the tape provided then please get in touch – Terms and conditions apply